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Vancouver Foursquare Day Swarm

Vancouver, BC
April 16 is Foursquare Day! - - Come celebrate at The Edge Pub and get your Swarm badge! - - Twitter hashtag: #4sqdayYVR
The Edge Gastropub hasn't responded yet.
Hey Vancouver!
Join us at The Edge Gastropub this Friday, April 16, from 5-8pm to celebrate Foursquare Day, have some drinks and do a mass check-in to get the coveted Swarm badge.

What is Foursquare Day?
Foursquare Day is all about the power of social media - there are events happening worldwide on April 16 where people are using Foursquare on their iPhones/Blackberries to explore their cities.

What is the "Swarm Badge"?
If more than 50 people check in to the same place on Foursquare around the same time, everyone gets the Swarm badge. Come to The Edge and let's do it! If none of this badge stuff makes any sense to you, come anyway and find out.

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April 16, 2010
On The Edge Gastropub. 303 Columbia @ Cordova. Map: